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“…The significant improvement in light levels and more importantly, that they (the lights) do not flicker has made my job a lot easier and less problematic. We are glad that we have LED lights in our office…. they have no mercury…..even the parking garage is better lit, which makes me feel safer”

Jana R Morisada, Pediatrics and Adolescents Medicine (July 27, 2012)

“…Here at VIP Foodservice, we retrofitted our lighting system and installed an intelligent LED lighting system in June of this year. The system has surpassed our expectations in both the quality of light and the amount of energy & money saved. By doing this project, we showed a monthly decrease in total kilowatt hours used of over 18% ( over $17,000 saved per month)...I would strongly recommend GonLED to any company looking to decrease cost and increase profit and savings."

Food Service (August 22, 2011)

“…Patients have even noticed the new lights, they were not aware of the lighting change to LEDs, but they noticed that the lights do not buzz anymore and it has been easier on OUR (the doctors) eyes to inspect their children and do our jobs more effectively….one missed mole could lead to skin cancer… I cannot stress how important proper lighting is for us”

Lance M Taniguchu MD, Pediatrics and Adolescents Medicine (July 27, 2011)

“…the letters on these computer screens makes me strain to read them…..working inside all day typically causes my eyes to hurt by the end of the day. For some reason, these new lights and their brightness has lessened that…. Tell the owners of the building a big Thank You”

Dennis Wong, ACKCO Inc (July 27, 2011)

“…We recently completed installation of the LED lighting provided by your firm in the underground parking garage and enclosed stairwells of the Finance Factors Center in downtown Honolulu. Both we as the property manager and the owner are extremely pleased with the improvement in light levels and are looking forward to a substantial savings in our electricity costs in the years ahead. Your attention to detail, responsiveness, product knowledge and reliable follow-up – even after the sale and installation is complete – are greatly appreciated. Thank you for providing us with a good product and a really great job!”

Howard Murai, Finance Factors Center (March 21, 2011)

“…I would like to take this opportunity to let you know of GonLED’s excellent customer service in regards to our purchase and the maintenance of our LED Lights. We switched all the lights on the first floor of our storage facility to LEDs. We appreciate your help efforts in helping us understand the benefits of switching over to LEDs.”

James York, Dillingham Self Storage (January 27, 2011)

“…Working with GonLED was a great experience from start to finish and beyond. They're products and customer service are first rate. Using their innovative LED lighting in our retail setting has set us apart and pushed us passed the competition. Hats off to GonLED.”

James R. Holeman, Owner, McGaughs Smoke & Bottle (January 04, 2011)

“…They absolutely exceeded our expectations every step of the way. The installation was quick and efficient. They were able to anticipate our needs and guide us through the design. The final product was exactly what we wanted in showcasing our merchandise. Customers noticed the improvement right away and we have received 100% positive feedback. We will be using GonLED in the future. Feel free to come down and see what they have done at Tobaccos of Hawaii. Thanks GonLED, great job and look forward to working with you again!”

Justin Ingram, Tobaccos of Hawaii (October 24, 2010)


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