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GonLED has been awarded a contract to perform lighting surveys and energy audits for the United States Marine Corps! The area surved will be for over 1.5 million square feet of administrative buildings, maintenance buildings, warehouses, etc...  


GonLED has been supplying T8 LED tube lights to various Federal Prisons within the United States. The products are used for retrofitting existing T12 and T8 fluorescent fixtures. The projected energy savings exceed 50%.


GonLED is proud to announce a successful energy efficient lighting retrofit at USAG Yongsan. The lighting retrofits will provide USAG Yongsan with energy savings greater than 40% while improving the quality of the lighting. These quality improvements include quiet operation, improved color rendering, and a reduction in HVAC costs due to less heat being generated by the lighting system.

Existing System:
4-Lamp F34T12 Lamps and magnetic ballast
Power consumption: 148 Watts

Replacement System:

4-Lamp F25T8 Energy Saving Lamp with High Efficiency ballast
Power consumption: 84 Watts – 64 Watt savings (43% reduction)

Light Level: Increase by 3% to 12% depending on lamp used

Energy Savings Equals Dollars
Based upon the annual operating hours and utility rate, the energy savings can be used to calculate the operating cost savings:

Annual Operating Hours:

Utility rate ($/Kwh):

Energy Savings per fixture (Watts):

Conversion from W to KW:

Annual Cost savings per fixture:


x $0.08

x 64

÷ 1,000


Multiply this value by the number of fixtures in the garrison to determine the total cost savings:

$20.48 x 30,000 (fixtures) = $614,400
For more information please contact a GonLED customer representative.

Gone LED Energy Solutions successfully retrofitted the metal halide street lights located throughout Valley View Estates.

LED Shoebox Luminaires were used to replace the metal halide fixtures located
throughout VVE. After retrofit, each fixture consumes an average of 55
watts and each bulb has an increased lifespan of 50,000+ hours, resulting in:

*Decreased energy consumption of 57%

*73 watts saved per fixture

*No hazardous material (mercury) and the lamps are fully recyclable*Color rendition equal to or better than existing lighting
For more information please contact a Gone LED Energy Solutions representative.

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