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GonLED offers turn-key LED lighting solutions that provide our customers with energy savings through increased efficiencies and decreased power and energy costs. Unlike most companies, we are equipment manufacturer neutral! This means we help our clients select the best equipment for their specific application.
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GonLED represents and consults with leaders in the research and manufacturer of solid state (LED) lighting fixtures and controls for commercial lighting applications. Taking the guess work out of choosing quality lighting solutions.
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GonLED has an unparalleled reputation staying abreast of the latest solid-state innovations to give our clients the best and brightest lighting solutions with the most efficient use of your energy dollars. We at GonLED will work closely with your company to determine the best products for your specific need.
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GonLED works with federal and state governments, municipalities, school districts, defense contractors, architects, electrical contractors, property managers, facility managers, and lighting designers.
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