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Our Services

Lighting Surveys and Energy Audits

Our objective is to provide you with the highest quality, most cost effective LED lighting solutions available. However, it is not as simple as “changing a light bulb”! In order to recommend a LED lighting solution we need to conduct an analysis on what your current lighting situation is and what your expectations are. A GonLED staff member will come out to your facility to conduct a light survey that will detail your existing lighting infrastructure. We will build a customized LED solution that will reduce energy consumption, enhance overall aesthetics, and maximizes your return on investment (ROI).

Design and Engineering Services

We offer our clients lighting specification services that include product consultation & selection, design for Code (local or national), T24 compliancy, photometric studies, and lighting fixture & control submittals.

Installation & Project Management

Due to the ease of the installation process, most of our clients prefer to have their existing maintenance staff handle the entire installation process. However, we can provide product installation through strategic partnerships that we have established with electrical contractors in the geographic areas where we conduct business. GonLED will provide project oversite to ensure budget, installation schedule, and safety standards are met.

Equipment Leasing Options

GonLED partners with equipment leasing companies, private investors, and large financial institutions. Our goal is to provide our clients with a comprehensive line of equipment leasing options. Conservation of your existing capital and lines of credit is necessary for an organization to handle the day-to-day cost of doing business (marketing, personnel, inventory, etc…). We can assist in creating a customized solution that fits your organization's cash flow needs.

Our staff works diligently to build a leasing solution that takes into consideration tax advantages of ownership, balance sheet equipment capitalization, co-terminus addendum, etc…

We can provide:
End of Option Terms - $1 buyout to 10% purchase option
End of Option Terms - $1 buyout to 10% purchase option
Money down - 100% financing (includes soft costs)
Lease Terms – 3 to 7 years
Competitive Lease Rate Factors

Project Funding, Financing, & Rebate Assistance

GonLED can provide general guidance on potential tax deductions and rebate programs. However, please consult a certified tax professional for detailed information. GonLED is an approved Illuminate California Midstream Lighting Distributor and can provide utility rebates at the point of sale.

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