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GonLED is a lighting distribution company that was founded in 2007. GonLED is a lighting distributor for hundreds of different lighting product manufacturers. GonLED offers turn-key LED lighting solutions that provide our customers with energy savings through increased efficiencies and decreased power and energy costs. Unlike most companies, we are equipment manufacturer neutral! This means we help our customers select the best equipment for their specific application. This approach provides our customers with superior performance, decreased operating expenses and increased return on investment. GonLED’s consultative dynamics go far beyond just providing the product. There are no cookie-cutter solutions for all lighting applications. We listen, then act – to work with your vision in providing a realistic economical lighting solution.

GonLED represents and consults with leaders in the research and manufacturer of solid state (LED) lighting fixtures and controls for commercial lighting applications. By doing so we effectively take the guess work out of choosing quality lighting solutions. Our lighting products are designed for garages, parking lots, warehouses, offices, classrooms, stadiums, roadway, walkway, and cold storage. GonLED works with federal and state governments, municipalities, school districts, defense contractors, architects, electrical contractors, property managers, facility managers, and lighting designers to solve lighting issues and create the best possible illumination. Our LED lighting products are one of the best tools for green positioning. The energy savings exceed any other lighting product with no maintenance up to 100,000 hours. Variable warranties make the return a pleasant surprise to your bottom line.

“No other lighting technology (LED) offers as much potential to save energy and enhance the quality of our building environments, contributing to our nation’s energy and climate change solutions.”

  • – U.S. Department of Energy

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